What Started As...


... A search for the perfect string for me, made to match all of the preferences I had developed,

has turned into so much more! 


With some pretty solid yoyo preferences developed, I began to experiment with commercially available strings. As it turned out, the string market was just like the yoyo market. Material, thickness, tension, softness, stretch, bounce, ease of binding, whippiness, break in times, colors, longevity, price and availability all played into my preferences of strings. 


Some of those string variables can be problematic at times. Sometimes you just can't find something on the market that fits like a glove into the array of variable preferences that you have developed as a thrower. 


As you well know, unlike yoyos, strings are consumables. They don't last forever. That means you'll essentially need an endless supply of strings, even if you only have a single yoyo. If you can't find what you need, with regularity and availability, what are you supposed to do?

Make your own of course!!!!


And that's exactly what I did! Shortly thereafter, Airetic was born as a means to get the message out there about how easy it is to make strings for yourself. Since then, we have pushed the limits of fade techniques, blending, and nylon coloring. We also set up a Trading System to inspire players to make strings for themselves, something that has become foundational for Airetic, and we will continue to do. 


Ultimately, Airetic Strings exists to inspire and motivate everyday

throwers to pick up a drill and some thread and begin creating the strings

of their dreams. We hope to see a whole new generation of players

becoming string makers and enjoying the satisfaction of creation.


After having made countless trades with players all over the world, and at the urging of lots of players and makers, we decided that it was time to open the next chapter. We realized that making strings isn't for everyone, and that's okay too. We understand. If that is your situation, we've got you covered as well!


The strings we sell are the culmination of our experience and evolving recipe over hundreds of iterations. They are made with the same handmade care and materials of our trade strings. They have some unique yet simplified colorways, mainly because we want to be able to make them as affordable as possible. 


The crazy fades and wildly complicated colorways are exclusive to Trading, partly because Trading is something special that deserves it's own identity, and partly because those extreme colorways are cost prohibitive to the customer. We don't like charging exorbitant prices any more than people want to pay them, so we do our best to avoid it.


If you want a handful of those insane colorways, grab a drill, check out our String School Page, and set up a trade with us! If you just want to rock out with our killer recipe, hot colors, and unmistakably slick and soft nylon...you know where to shop. 




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