They're friends, they're family, they're on the team.

This is the Airetic Crew.

Say hi to Jake.

He's the Rhythm section,

thrower, teacher, idea guy. 


Jake makes our world go round,

right round, baby, right round. 


Behind the scenes hinge pin and OG fam.

Jake is our right hand man. 

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This is Joe.

Joe likes to throw.

We like Joe. 


World Class bag stitcher,

philosopher, guru, and

flow maker extraordinaire. 

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Onward to Josh.





Uber Driver.

Old soul.

Aspiring Minimalist.

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Kyle the Cook.

You know who he is. 


Cheff'n his way around the NE coast.

Keepin it real with that long string flow! 

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Jeff isn't much of thrower,

but he can crank out some strings,

and spit some lines. 


Fluff is our boy and we couldn't get you guys what you want without him. 


Scoot or Die.

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Rob is the man behind the curtain.


'Nuff Said. 

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