OneOfOne Counterweights

These are each100% unique pieces that are made from absolute scratch right here in our shop! They are made with an extremely durable urethane that easily stands up to the rigors of 5A play.


We create our own "blanks" of urethane material using various dyes, pigments and other materials. After pressurizing and curing the blank, we head over to the lathe for drilling and shaping. We use hand tools to shape the CW down to its final form and we pay constant attention to every single detail of the dimensions and weight to keep them inside the sweet spot for 5A play.


After shaping and drilling precision holes for the bearing/weights, we move on to the finishing station. Dry sanding, wet sanding and a 3 stage buff/polish is time consuming, but is crucial to the incredible glass-like deep gloss finish. 


A ton of work and care goes into each and every one of the OneOfOne Counterweights, but we think the results speak for themselves. You are getting a truly unique, one of a kind, finely crafted piece of functional art!

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