Bring a little craftsmanship to your 5A game! Our A-Weights are tunable for weight, and use a C bearing to ensure you always have neutral string tension. Have it your way! 


A-Weights are made right here in house, and of course we had to put our own spin on things! We've currently got 3 available shapes, and always looking to add new shapes!


A-Weights are user tunable for weight! That's right, you decide how much or how little your counterweight weighs. Maybe you're new to 5A and you arent sure and just want to expereiement. Maybe you're a seasoned player and know exactly what you want in CW weight. Either way, we've got you covered to pin down exactly what YOU want!  You'll have a window of about 6 grams to play with, as each of the washer weights weigh about 1 gram. Every kit includes 6 weight washers.


All you have to do is decide how many weight washers to slide in underneath the bearing! If you want to change the weight, just press the weight stack back out of the wooden enclosure with a screwdriver, pencil, or any other small cylindrical object you've got laying around. 


To make things even better, we designed our system around a regular old C sized yoyo bearing! Pretty much everyone has and old one of these laying around, and we encourage you to repurpose it! it doesnt have to be a great performer, any old beat C bearing will do. If you don't have one handy, we still have you covered! For a few extra bucks, you can add a C bearing to the kit


The acylic ball we use for a string stopper rests perfectly on the bearing to give you neutral string tension at all times! Every kit comes with 2 acrylic balls, in case you lose one. The colors of the acrylic balls are a random assortment from about 9 different colors


  • Specs:

    Die: 25mm (h) x 25mm (w)

    Spool 25.5mm (h) x 19mm (w)

    BP: 27.4mm (h) x 25.4mm (w)