CW Guts Kit

The CW Guts Kit is the perfect compliment to any CW we sell! They include everything you need to set up, change out and tune an Airetic CW. 


This kit features our 3D printed String Stopper. This is the "bead" that fits snugly into a C bearing (or the included 3D printed C bearing blank). Our String Stopper is open on the side. Your string is securely locked in when the String Stopper is slid into the bearing (or bearing blank), but can be released to allow a CW removal or swap without having to take the string off of the yoyo. 


All Airetic counterweights are designed around our adjustable weighting system. The system gives you the ability to fine tune your setup to exactly your preference!

CW Guts Kit

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    1 Airetic Standard String

    1 String Stopper - .4g

    1 C Bearing Blank - .6g

    6 Weight Washers - 1.1g/ea