Sometimes the classic black yoyo tee is just a little too "status quo".  You know we love to do things a little different than the "norm" around here. Charcoal heather grey shirts do just that! We take that one step further by customizing them with our logos, the way YOU want them.


For the logo work on these dark grey shirts, there are 4 designs to choose from (1-4) and 3 colors (Black, White, and Silver).


We start with extremely high-quality tees and do the logo work right here in our own shop. You choose the design and logo color and we do the rest! 

Grey Shirts

  • How to Order

    1) Select your shirt size and add it to your cart. 

    2) Add a comment to your order, letting us know which design # you'd like to have on it. 

    3) Kick back, relax and you'll have your swag before you know it. 


  • Size Availability

    Normally, only sizes Medium, Large and XL will be stocked. If you want a size smaller or larger than one of those, they can be ordered by special request.


    Drop us a line, we will get you what you want.