Flex Weight Cube

New to 5A and tired of smashing your hands, head, walls, and yoyo? The Flex Weight is perfect for you! We 3D print these CW out of a flexible material in such a way that they have a considerable amount of give to eat up those impacts.


The flexible nature of these counterweights also significantly reduces the loud clanging that is often associated with 5A play (or even carrying on a holster or in your pocket). Using a Flex Weight can make practicing a lot more bearable for those friends and family who get tired of all the noise! 


The normal Flex Weight lineup is relatively oversized, which makes it super easy to hold on to and grab out of the air, perfect for 5A newbs and skilled players trying new tricks.


Even though they’ve got enough give to take the sting out, they are also some of the most durable counterweights available. Outside of fire and knives, Flex Weights are nearly indestructible.


All Airetic Flex Weights are designed around our adjustable weighting system to give you the ability to fine tune your setup to exactly your preference! The core is based around a standard C sized bearing, but there are tons of ways you can nail down the weight you want.


You can keep things simple by ordering a set of our CW Guts kits (which has everything you need to adjust your CW by as much as 6 grams), or you can supply your own bearing, beads, or whatever else you want to stuff in there. These are quite possibly the most adaptable CW on the market!

Flex Weight Cube

  • Details


    1 Flex Weight

    8.3g +- .1g

    30mm x 30mm


    You will need to either use one of our CW Guts Kits (available here) or supply your own bearing/bead etc for CW retention/tune weight. 


    **Note** 3D printing is not a perfect process. Individual counterweights may have slight visual imperfections which do not affect play***