We've managed to aquire a handful of Rhythm Rhapsodies because we really think that these should be shared with the world! These are an excellent mono metal designed by our crew member Jake Poole. Beaitifully balanced with an unmatched finish. This yoyo is probably the absolute best bang for you buck on the market right now. 


Don't wait! This is your last chance to snag one of these up before they are gone forever! 

Rhythm Rhapsody

  • Specs

    • Width: 44.4mm
    • Diameter: 54.4mm
    • Gap Width: 4.5mm
    • Weight: 65.5g
    • Bearing: Size C CT Style
    • Axle: 10mm M4x0.7mm
    • Response: 19mm Pads
    • Shape: H/O
    • Material: 6061 Aluminum
    • Finish: Perfect Grind Satin
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