Rosin Puck

Around here, we love nylon strings. The slickness of nylon has some major advantages in how it interacts with the yoyo. That said, it can, for some people, be a little too slippery at the finger loop. We tend to agree, on occasion, and because we promote nylon strings, we also want to promote a solution. 


We not only think that nylon strings (or any string for that matter) could sometimes use a bit more grip on the finger loop, we decided to do something about it. The first thing we did was develop a unique, yoyo string specific, formula for a material that can be applied to the finger loop that gives it an incredible amount of grip. Then, we wanted a way to apply it that was intuitive, durable and classy, so we developed that too! 


The Rosin Puck gives our homemade rosin a durable and temp resistant container and form  factor that will allow you to bring it with you wherever you go! It's easy to use, and incredibly effective! Just add a little bit to your finger loop and it wont slip even a millimeter.


Our special FRICTION formula rosin is designed to stay on the string and not get on your hands or rub off on your finger. It just plain works. While it may not be a necessity, it's something that is just really nice to have for that piece of mind during play. 

Rosin Puck

  • Features

    - Incredible grip on the finger


    - Stays on the string, not on your hands


    - Easy to apply


    - Long-lasting


    - Handmade


    - Extremely durable, won't shatter if dropped

  • **NOTE**

    WARNING> Airetic Friction Rosin is NON-EDIBLE. The Rosin Puck is a small piece and is a possible Choking Hazard, and is not for use by children under 12 years old. Keep those little ones safe! 


    Rosin Pucks are able to withstand normal temperatures of daily life, like pockets, backpacks, household temps, etc. That said, if you wouldn't leave your chapstick "there", please don't leave your Rosin Puck "there" either. ie...the dryer, on the dash of a hot car, etc.. Keep it in the supplied container! 


    Airetic  FRICTION rosin is designed and intended to be used in temperatures of 100ºF (37ºC) or less.


    If you happen to forget it in some place warm, no worries. It won't leak out. Just let it cool back down before you try to use it. 



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