Undertone Orange 4pk

Sometimes you don't want blinding colorways. Sometimes you want to be a little more subdued. We combined our exclusive HyperGlo Neons with subtle grey and white undertones to create these understated yet classy colorways. Let these be the Undertone to your favorite throw!

Undertone Orange 4pk

  • Info

    These are the baseline for the unique Airetic recipe. The strings that everything we make is based off of. They are 100% nylon, quite slick, and have a killer lifespan. They have low bounce and very little break in period.

  • Specs

    - Includes 4 Handmade Yoyo Strings

    - Standard Thickness

    - 100% Nylon

    - Approximately 145cm (58") Uncut

    - Unique Airetic Exclusive dyed neon color


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