So...You've made some strings and want to trade?

To All:



If your intention is to start making and selling strings, that's quite alright by us. That said, our trading (and the feedback that goes with it) is not designed to support entrepreneurs. If that is your intention, please do not request to trade with us. Our trading is not intended to help you create a better product for your potential customers. 



We would like to take a second to clearly define what the objective of trading is, to us.


Trading is designed to inspire and motivate players to make their own strings to their own preferences, and for their own use. The strings we send are an example, and reward of sorts. The feedback we provide, on the strings sent to us, is intended to help that player get even closer to their own preference goals. We are here to support players! 



Our goal is to free players from being slaves of having to buy strings. Yes, that includes ours even! :) We would still rather players make their own strings than buying ours. 

To Players:

First of all, congratulations! Maybe you've been making strings for a while. Maybe you just watched one of our videos and made your first few strings. Either way, we welcome you to the brotherhood of string makers. We applaud your effort and willingness to try something new! We also want to thank you for choosing to be part of something that is outside of the norm and gives credence to the vision of Airetic Strings! We are proud to have been a part of your journey, one way or the other. 

Trading, for us, serves a few purposes. Firstly, it is somewhat of a thank you for joining this "String Maker's Movement". Secondly, We are genuinely interested in seeing what you come up with and want to provide feedback to you. This goes both ways of course. Maybe you make better strings than we do! We also want your feedback. The goal here is to make both of us better string makers. Now, with all of that out of the way, we can get down to business! 

The trading process goes a little something like this:



- You contact us via this website, or more preferably via the Airetic Strings Facebook page and let us know that you would like to trade. 


- We will probably ask a few questions just to see where you are at in your string making. 


- - We will let you know where you stand on the wait list, and about how long you should expect to wait. 


- When you are second on the list, we will get back in touch with you!!


- We will discuss the details of the trade.


- -  Generally, we try to trade 4 of ours for 4 of yours. 


- -  We always just ask that you send something you are proud of. 

- We will talk about what you would like from Airetic Strings. 


- -  We can make you pretty much anything you want in terms of styles and colors. You can even send pics of specific yoyos and we can make something specifically for your throws. 






- This is the part where we each get cracking on the strings for each other!


- We usually have your strings done within 2-3 days and then ship the following day. We will do our best to keep you in the loop on where we are at. 

- We always offer to show you the strings we made for you after we make them, before shipping.

-- Some people like surprises. 

-- If you don't want to see them until you unbox them, we will not post pics of them on social media until you have seen them in person. 


- Off they go in the mail! Usually, we try to have you ship yours on or near the same day that we ship to you. 


Receipt and Review!

- We each get our strings in the mail and get to enjoy the experience of trying another string maker's wares. 


- We each take a little time to play each other's strings. 


- We each provide the other with some honest feedback and constructive criticism if need be. 

That's it!! Thank you for your time and effort!

Spin on, fellow String Maker!